Cooperation between Lars Wilöf and Gunnar Jegrelius begins and leads to Pharmakon being formed with the motto better products in harmony with nature. In practice, this means products with maximum effect and gentleness towards man and nature.

Products begin to be manufactured and sold on recipes developed by Gunnar Jegrelius. The products were manufactured at Glycocide in Vadstena. Delivered to Iggesund Mill, Ströms Mill and Ortviken in the first year.

The first water-based degreasing agent P62 FL is launched and delivery of products to Iggesund mill, Ströms mill and Ortviken's paper mill is initiated.

The Formula 116 antifoam is delivered to Iggesund Mill. The product replaces an earlier solvent-based product for aeration of coating slips. Previous product has caused health problems for the staff.

Birger Wilöf starts in the company after completing studies in Linköping. Birger immediately starts working on the development of what would later become PharmaDos.

PharmaDos is tested in operation and is successful. Expensive downgrading of banknotes due to color defects ceases completely and Tumba mills later purchase a full 4 pumps and dispense at most 3 colors at a time.

An entirely new generation of detergents is launched that are concentrated, user-friendly and rapidly biodegradable. The first delivery of these products to Husum and Ortviken. The development of PharmaDos II begins.

Trial run PharmaDos II in operation at Holmen in Hallstavik, PM11.

Four more new products are launched with even better environmental data and higher power. Supplied a complete automatic color dosing system with 4 PharmaDos Micra II for the new PM11 Holmens Bruk Hallstavik

Tests are initiated at STFI with a new surfactant that, despite its non-toxicity, proved to be more effective than bromine. The staff will be strengthened with Gunilla Linderoth, who is responsible for accounting and accounting.

Collaboration with researcher Dr. Matti Tolonen, which results in Pharmakon selling Tolonen's food supplements in Sweden.

Pharmakon is 30 years old. A new program for the spraying of chemicals and chemical handling is presented. Delivery to customer begins.

4 new products are launched with even better effect and environmental data.

Tested new products for felt and wire cleaning with very good results, including Kontex LMG2.

Manufacturing of Pharmakon's chemicals according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.